Join us for a rejuvenating one day mini retreat!

The Hummingbird

What Does a Hummingbird Represent?

Hummingbirds remind us to live in the moment and enjoy life's simple pleasures. Also, because they often seem to appear out of nowhere, they remind us that joy is unpredictable and can often be just around the corner. These lovely creatures are also a good reminder of how we expend our own energy, and encourage us to always be seeking out what's good in life.  Is our happiness found within, or are we seeking it externally, and what is the source of our joy?  Our August retreat will seek to explore these questions.

Enjoy a Quick & Easy Girlfriend Getaway

Escape to Paradise

Enjoy a quick getaway with a tribe of soulful women, and experience a day of laughter, fun and rejuvenation.  Our one day retreat will be held on August 25, 2018, at the beautiful Keys Creek Lavender Farm nestled on 8.5 acres in a beautiful, serene valley in Northern San Diego County.   The farm has more than a dozen varieties of lavender, and is an enchanting, magical place filled with love and miracles!

Easy Getaway

It can be challenging to find a whole weekend away, but now you don't have to. Our quick and easy one day "Girlfriend Getaway" retreat on the beautiful grounds of Keys Creek Lavender Farm will allow you to restore gain clarity through meditation and a touch of soul work. 

You Deserve it!

With transformative meditation sessions, sacred breath, a feminine dance workshop, and a workshop focused on overcoming fear and embracing freedom, the day offers the perfect mix of soul work and relaxation.  Enjoy a delicious catered lunch, and there’s also plenty of free time for reflection, relaxing by the pool, and meeting new friends.  The day ends with a soul circle with your new tribe!

About The Founders

Sara and Niki

We're so glad you stopped by!  We're best friends and co-founders of Thrive Tribe Retreats, and we LOVE inspiring women to live their best life.  Our "The Art of Being a Hummingbird" retreat is going to be amazing, but it won't be complete without YOU there.  Women have been gathering in circles for generations, and our one day mini retreats celebrate the power of amazing, unique women coming together to share, learn and support each other.  We are SO excited to meet you, dear sister!

Join the Tribe

Our one day mini retreat is only $199, which includes lunch and a special gift.  Our last retreat was sold out.  Don't miss your opportunity to join our Sacred Tribe.  Reserve your spot now!